Replica Rolex Yachtmaster Ref. 116655

My dear friends , I am discussing their new line-up for 39mm Oyster Perpetual cheap swiss fake watches, the new Day-Date 40mm gathering and this Rolex Yachtmaster ref.11655 in Everose gold with its new Oysterflex wrist trinket.

Replica Rolex 116655

I’ve had a 2004 Rolex Yachtmaster in my own accumulation eventually, which I truly treasured too, however some way or another turned into the casualty of one of those up-exchanging swaps for another best cheap copy watch. I know how much some no-nonsense Rolex fans, particularly those into vintage Rolex copy watches, used to dislike my stainless steel and platinum Rolex Yachtmaster model ref. 16622. The case was too round-ish, the dial to gaudy with that platinum grain and the platinum bezel too delicate and to wrap things up the cleaned focus join in the bezel was excessively blingy.

What’s not the same as the other Yachtmaster swiss fake watches, is the utilization of the 18 carat Everose gold for the case and also the Cerachrom embed in dark artistic for its gold rotatable bezel. The dark dial is something I needed to get used to when considering it, to be it makes the Replica watches a touch secretive. Where platinum and blue were the dial hues connected with thisreplica rolex some time recently, the new Rolex Yachtmaster 116655 has a very surprising bid because of the new materials and hues. So, this replica watches was a touch cumbersome to me at first. Being unmistakeably a Rolex Yachtmaster yet with its dark, gold and elastic components something absolutely new and distinctive also.

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New Function:Explore the Rolex Lexicon in the E-Special

My dear friends , today I would like introduce you guys a new function in the watch time of Rolex watch .

Replica rolex watches

The Watch Time E-Special: “Inside Rolex,” available exclusively on the Watch Time app, has been a hit among our readers. In addition to its rare look behind the scenes at Rolex factories in Bienne and Geneva, “Inside Rolex” features the Rolex Lexicon, a dictionary of the terminology used by Rolex (and its legions of fans) to describe its different mechanisms and materials.

One of those mechanisms defined in the lexicon is the Ring Command system, developed and patented by Rolex, which is a rotatable bezel that interacts with the watch movement. On the Yacht-Master II, it affords access to the programming function of this regatta chronograph’s mechanical countdown. On the Sky-Dweller model, the system is used to select the function to be set: date, local time, or reference time. Once selected, the function can be rapidly adjusted, forward or back, with the crown.

Are you guys very clear with this function of Rolex ? I hope my article can help you guys to deep know your Rolex watches.

Introduce Rolex Watch:Good Series Of Rolex GMT-Master Watches

As we know , Rolex GMT-Master Watches are very famous in Rolex watches , but today I will introduce you guys the best in the best — a really nice series watch of Rolex GMT-Master Watches , Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710LN.

Rolex 116710LN

In 2008, Rolex introduced the current lineup of GMT-Master II watches. The case of the watch grew in both thickness and diameter and the lugs become a bit larger as well. The hour markers are bigger, and the watch featured a Trip-Lock crown (instead of the Twin-Lock crown it had in the past) and a ceramic bezel. The ceramic bezel will not discolor like the old aluminum bezels did and, more importantly, they won’t scratch.
The red GMT hand, which was so recognizable on the previous stainless-steel Rolex GMT-Master models, was replaced with a green one on this model. Also, the printing of the word “GMT-Master” on the dial is in green instead of white.

Rolex 116710LN

The bracelet of the Reference 116710LN GMT-Master II is quite different from the simpler and much criticized bracelets of old. The bracelet on the GMT-Master II 116710LN has a new clasp and a polished center link.

The polished center link of the bracelet and the green GMT hand are the reason that this watch comes in at #2. If the bracelet had an all-matte finish, or if the GMT hand were still in red, this one could well be ranked first on my list. The new black-and-blue model that Rolex replica introduced at this year’s Basel world is a handsome version.

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Introduce Rolex Watch—Rolex Explorer

Rolex as the most important brand, Rolex has some really good series , today let me introduce you guys a really nice series–Rolex Explorer.


The Rolex Explorer is a true icon, not only for Rolex, but within the larger world of rugged, precision-made timepieces. It famously accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay when they became the first to reach the summit of Mt. Everest in May, 1953. That achievement is one of many, but it is emblematic of the adventurous spirit that guides both Rolex in its quest for perfection, and those who consider their Explorer an essential part of their success.
Launched in 2010, the newest Explorer remains faithful to the heritage that extends back to 1953. Blue Chroma light hour markers and hands assure excellent visibility in all conditions. The 39-mm Oyster case, the Twin lock crown, and the sapphire crystal secure the movement against harm.
Inside, the Caliber 3132 self-winding movement is as robust as it is precise. Of course it is an officially certified chronometer. The free-sprung balance is precision-fitted between two Paraflex shock absorbers, developed and patented by Rolex. The blue Parachrom hairspring assures high-precision timekeeping.
The bracelet is fitted with the patented Oyster lock clasp, and with the Easy link comfort system, which allows the user to extend the bracelet by 5 mm.
The Rolex Explorer is priced at $6,550. But it may be a little expensive for you guys, so you can choose our Rolex Replica Watch , we have the same watch like Oyster Perpetual, but its price is much cheaper.

Rolex Replica Review: The Details Of Rolex Replicas

As we know , there are lots of Rolex replicas available in the market. However, facing such a big number of replica Rolex watches, how can we make clear that which replica is worth buying? I will teach you guys the way.

replica rolex watches
Before my purchase, I searched lots of information about replica Rolex in various forums, and read many relative reviews. Then I find a nice shop with the highest quality Rolex Replicas watches , here are their pictures.

replica rolex

The overall looks of the watch is satisfying, appearing to be elegant and sporty, just like the original watch. Speaking of the size, I think it is perfect, neither too big nor too small for a sports watch. Because of the materials used, it is a little heavy, but anyway comfortable for me.

replica rolex

As far as I am concerned, the watch is of high quality, basing on its well polished case, exquisite dial, and other well made components. Additionally, it is an accurate watch, beyond my expectation. I have kept the watch for about 6 months, and it lost 2 minutes during this period of time.

replica rolex

Like the original, it has high visibility of luminous pointers and hour markers, which makes it very easy to tell the time at dark night. But it is a little difficult for me to tell the time sometimes at daytime because of the silver color hands and white face background. Isn’t it a amazing? Remember , this shop has the best Rolex Replica Watches!

Rolex Replica Review — Here Isn’t So Much Different Between A Real Rolex And A Fake Rolex

Here is the question:Is the Rolex on the guy in the next cubical a real Rolex? Is the handbag carried by the woman you’re lunching with the real thing? More and more consumers are asking that question.

Whole new levels of counterfeit watches and purses have entered the market place. These fakes are so good they are no longer even known as fakes. Instead they are now called “replicas.”

When you think of buying a knock-off Rolex you might think of a street vender in Tijuana, Mexico or a small shop on New York City’s Canal Street. However there is now a new place to shop for fake Rolex; the Internet. Online shopping has transformed the mom and pop business of knock-off watches into an international marketplace of Rolex replicas. There are dozens of sites selling replicas.

I took a real Rolex and a couple of fakes down to Union Square and showed them around. Most consumers couldn’t tell which one was the real one and which one was the fake.

So is it legal to buy these watches?

The answer is yes, as long as you are simply buying for yourself and are not helping with the sale . So what are you guys waiting for ? Choose your Rolex Replica watches.

Cellini Date gold watches blending practicality and elegance

A date function is added by The replica rolex Cellini Date models via a hand on a small sub-dial, blending practicality and elegance. the new replica rolex Cellini collection, a contemporary celebration of classicism and the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces is presented by Rolex.

All the new replica rolex Cellini models feature a high-precision self-winding mechanical movement, certified as a chronometer and entirely manufactured by Rolex. In the purest traditional style, these watches are available only with shiny black or brown alligator leather straps stitched, remborded and with an 18 ct gold buckle; a fitting reward for the sheer elegance of a gentleman.

The replica rolex Cellini Date model is offered in four versions: with a black or silver dial featuring a “rayon flammé de la gloire” guilloche motif, and with a 39 mm case in a choice of 18 ct white or Everose gold. They are either lacquered or embellished with a black or a silver-plated classic “Rayon flammé de la gloire” guilloche motif, and adorned with gold applique hour markers.

The cases are available exclusively in 18 ct white or Everose gold cast by Rolex in its own foundry. Their round shape and classic 39 mm diameter are marks of tradition. It is fitted on a remborded and stitched alligator leather strap with large scales, in shiny black or brown depending on the model, and with an 18 ct gold buckle matching the gold of the case.

Rolex Explorer II – series 216570-77210 black male watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual explorer type watch (Rolex Explorer) is the best witness to the human adventure, it will watch technology and the perfect blend of adventure, the effective ideas into action, its precise performance is inherent in the meaning the spirit of courage, prowess and superior exploration breakthrough innovation.

Explorer type is the best example of Rolex perfect blend with the environment. Since the late 1920s, Rolex put the natural world as a laboratory, in a variety of harsh environmental testing watch performance. With this in outstanding pioneer spirit of exploration, Rolex Oyster quartz replica watch several times accompanied explorers climb the Himalayas, their adventure experience for the development and continuous improvement of watch brings direct power.

ROLEX Explorer II watch explorer Oyster Perpetual Explorer II is the support of the pioneers and adventurous people choose. EXPLORER spirit when you can’t tell the whole day and night because of Antarctica have only faint dim sunlight, it makes it difficult to determine the actual time. To this end, the Rolex Explorer II is equipped with a special function to distinguish between day and night. It was 24 hours of progressive outer scale of 24 hours with their red pointers will help differentiate the evening and during the day time. For those who need exposure to a dark cave in the day, the use of artificial lighting to the work of the cave scientists concerned, this watch can be described as very critical survival gear.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Bezel Watch with a Classic Look

I have always adored the looks of a classic replica rolex model. This is probably why I am such a huge fan of the replica rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel. This vintage looking watch has that iconic beauty that is representative for old style timepieces. It is elegant, colorful and unique. This is one model that hasn’t suffered any visible changes during the years. The only improvements made on this watch were regarding the quality of its materials and inside mechanism. These are more resistant and precise now, but the outside remains the same- absolute perfection!

I remember that I first saw the replica rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel on my boss’s wrist a couple of years ago. I though it is the perfect replica rolex watch. It has a nice blend of traditionalism and modernity. I think this is because of the simple and elegant black dial paired up with the bold blue and red bezel. This bezel is called a Pepsi bezel because of the colors, but it is not a special edition model. It wasn’t intended to be identified with the Pepsi brand, it is just something that caught on. And now everyone calls it this watch.

The stainless steel is full and solid. This makes the replica rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica watch feel heavy and durable, just like it should. The case and band are brushed and polished. On the caseback there is the green replica rolex hologram sticker, an authenticity mark. It is such a great replica watch because it goes with most outfits from your wardrobe, from sporty or casual to elegant and sophisticated.

I must say that I am very pleased with my replica rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica watch. It has everything it takes to look and feel authentic. Plus, it is very precise and sturdy.

Replica Rolex DateJust Pearl Master a Remarkable Lady Watch

Today, I am going to talk about a remarkable ladies watch, a design that is perfect for women who want to enjoy unparalleled refinement and extreme performances. This exceptional watch is the replica rolex Lady Datejust Pearl Master in rose gold. It is one of the most beautiful models from the gorgeous replica Rolex Pearl Master collection and it is a jewelry that will surely make you feel confident and attractive at work, parties or even during outdoor adventures. The replica Rolex Lady DateJust Pearl Master is a unique watch destined for greatness and its wearers are usually world leaders, celebrities or successful business women.

The replica Rolex PearlMaster for ladies has a very elegant and luxurious appearance. replica Rolex recommends it as the pearl of the Oyster collection and its name is representative for the mother of pearl dial that is enriched with diamonds and gems. It is one of the most extravagant and sophisticated re-interpretation of the classic Lady DateJust. The traditional design of the watch has been enriched by an exquisitely designed bezel with 36 diamonds and a rounded PearlMaster bracelet, also, adorned with high quality diamonds.

Basically, this replica Rolex Lady Datejust PearlMaster watch has been a pretty good deal. It looks very luxurious, sophisticated and genuine and it also functions very well. The materials used for manufacturing it are of high quality. And the most important thing is that my wife adores it. She has been wearing it daily since she got it. She took out all of her fancy outfits and started mixing and matching them just so she can show off her new replica Rolex Pearl Master watch.